Tschagguns Montafon

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Tschagguns is one of the stunning hill-side villages in the Montafon Valley located in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. The province is known for its famous ski resorts and International festival house. The Festival house is about 45 minutes to 1 hours drive from Tschagguns, in the capital city Bregenz. You can take the train between Schruns (transferring in Bludenz) to Bregenz. The Festival house hosts outdoor summer opera’s for one month. (mid-July to mid-August) The stage sits over top of the stunning Lake Constanz. (Please read more information under Bregenz)

In the small village “Tschagguns” you will find the ski hill “Golm“. Where there is endless outdoor activities all year round. The main Gondala to the top of the Mountain is in operation most of the year for skiers, borders, hikers, and paragliding. (closing for maintenance mid-October, November & May) The views of the Valley and Alpine are beautiful. There is a restaurant at the top for casual dinning. In the spring, summer and fall there is several hiking trails into the back country. A favorite is to “Lindauer Hütte“. A restaurant & Inn that sits in a beautiful Valley amongst the jagged Alps. At the base of the Golm gondola, there is a zip line, outdoor rope park and the alpine coaster. The alpine coaster takes you through meadows and trees to the small village Vandans. There you have the choice to bring another Gondola back up to the base, hike back up or travel through the lower Montafon valley.

Tschagguns Montafon Tschagguns Montafon


Latschau Montafon Latschau MontafonLatschau Montafon Alpine Coaster Montafon  Grabs Montafon Grabs Montafon

Tschagguns Montafon GolmTschagguns Montafon Golm

Tschagguns Montafon Drei TürmeTschagguns Montafon SulzfluhTschagguns Montafon Sulzfluh

Tschagguns Montafon Drei TürmeTschagguns MontafonTschagguns Montafon

Gauertal Montafon Gauertal MontafonTschagguns Montafon

Lindauerhuette Restaurant and Inn in the back country of Tschagguns below.

Tschagguns Montafon Lindauer Hütte Tschagguns Montafon Lindauer Hütte

Tschagguns MontafonTschagguns Montafon Drei Türme

Tschagguns Montafon GauertalTschagguns Montafon GauertalTschagguns Montafon Gauertal

Tschagguns Montafon GauertalTschagguns Montafon Gauertal

Gauertal Montafon Gauertal Montafon



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