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GibraltarRock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Territory off the Southern Coast of Spain. It is located in the Gibraltar straight, the gateway between the Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean. Gibraltar is home to one of the most interesting airports in the world. It was built during WW II, the airport operated as an emergency airfield for the Royal Navy’s fleet Air Arm. The Landing strip crosses the four lane road on the border of Gibraltar and Spain. Traffic and pedestrians are held while planes land and take off. The runway stretches across the 2.3 square mile peninsula connecting Gibraltar to the Spanish coast.

Rock of GibraltarRock of Gibraltar

The stunning Rock of Gibraltar is surrounded by the beautiful sea. You have the choice to either hike to the top or take the Gondola from the city below. Once at the top you will be impressed by the panoramic views looking down the Costa del Sol across the straight to Northern Africa and deep into the Mediterranean. The rock is also home to the Barbary Macaques apes who roam freely in Gibraltar. These fascinating and intelligent apes are used to interacting with humans and a pleasure to watch. They will walk close to you, sit next to you and sometimes climb on you. It is asked you do not feed the apes as they are wild animals and fed fresh food daily. It is also recommended to not have food in your pockets or back packs. If they are frightened or annoyed they will bite so be respectful by not provoking them and enjoy their company.

Barbary macaque, Monkey in GibraltarBarbary macaque, Monkey in GibraltarBarbary macaque, Monkey in GibraltarBarbary macaque, Monkey in Gibraltar

St Michael’s Cave located in the Rock is an interesting point to see. The cave dates back into the Roman times with several passages, holes, and chambers. The caves passages go deep into the rock reaching depths of 250 feet below the entrance. There is an upper and lower section to the cave, the lower part of St Michael’s Cave can be arranged through guided tours. You can view the beautiful crystallized stalagmites inside the caves and the Cathedral Cave that is open to visitors. The Cathedral Cave makes a unique place to hold concerts, ballet performances, and dramas.

Barbary macaque, Monkey in GibraltarGibraltarGibraltar

Other points of interests; WW II tunnels, birdwatching, Museums, Flora and the lovely city square and narrow streets.

Popular things to do in Gibraltar besides sightseeing are; diving, fishing, sailing & sun bathing at the beaches. You have the option of taking tours into Spain visiting the famous historical Andalusia towns of Malaga, Cordoba, Rhonda, Granada, and Seville. Another point of interest close by are the beautiful beaches & terrain around Tarifa where you can enjoy the many water sports, mountain biking, and Roman ruins in the area.


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